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Enhance Your Clinic Operations with Our All-In-One SaaS Solution

About Us

Medikarp is a powerful SaaS solution designed to help clinics, child clinics, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices, and aesthetic clinics manage their patients and streamline their operations.

Our cloud-based platform offers a range of features that enable healthcare providers to deliver exceptional patient care while optimizing their workflow.

With Medikarp, you can focus on what matters most which is providing the best care for your patients.

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Our software is designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare providers and can be customized to fit your unique workflow.

Time Management

Find your patient records on the platform without the hassle of flipping through physical storage boxes.

Access your patient's medical summary in just a few seconds.

Cloud Storage

Say goodbye to faded ink and wasted space used for physical medical records. With digital storage, you can easily store your patient records and access it anywhere. medication dispensing and improved patient safety.

Never worry about missing physical copies of medical records again.

Automated Notifications

Receive alerts for your upcoming patient appointments, allowing you to organize your time more efficiently.

Both you and your patients will receive notifications prior to the visit.

Inventory Management

Managing expired or low inventory stock of medical supplies is crucial.

This platform can assist you in monitoring medicine stocks and will alert you when items are nearing expiry/low stock, enabling you to replenish them through our supplier.

Perscription Management

Streamline your workflow by syncing patient prescriptions directly to the front desk.

Front desk promptly prepares the prescribed medicine, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in medication management once the consultation is completed.

Patient Flow Management

Minimize waiting times and optimize patient flow with an organized queue system.

Just like taking a queue number at the bank, this system ensures a smooth and orderly process for patients.

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